Amazon Grey Wall Veneer

A quarried South American quartzite natural stone. This stone can have a slick to very rough texture. This is a building and landscape stone for indoor and outdoor commercial and residential applications. Floor coverings, garages flooring, ramps, steps, sidewalks, driveways are examples of their use because of their high strength. It has been gaining more space in interior design projects, where the beauty and versatility of the material is even more evident.

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4”X12”, 4”X20”, 4”X27 ½”

8”X12”, 8”X20”, 8”X27 ½”

12”X20”, 12”X40”

16”X20”, 16”X40”


4”X12”x4”, 4”X20”x4”

8”X12”x4”, 8”X20”x4”



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Category: Stone Type: